Monday 28 November 2011

Thames Islands Pt 3 - Thames Ditton Island...

Ye Olde Swan public house – crossing point to Thames Ditton Island
Actually reaching the river is not always the easiest thing to do along the banks of the Thames. You can wander along the river's edge without seeing any water, just rows of houses. The access point to Thames Ditton Island takes advantage of a small slipway next to Ye Olde Swan. It wasn't until the early 20th century that holiday houses started to be built on the island.

Thames Ditton Island bridge
The bridge was built in 1939 by David Rowell & Co. of Westminter. Ownership is shared between the 48 households on the island after purchasing it from Ye Olde Swan's landlord in 1963. As well as providing easy access to the the island for residents, it also transports water, gas and electricity in, and sewage out.

Thames Ditton Island

Swan Island and Boyle Farm Island just behind
Swan Island, in the foreground, almost adjoins Thames Ditton Island. It used to house the ferryman before the bridge arrived. Just visible behind is Boyle Farm Island with its single house.

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