Wednesday 23 November 2011

Papp A Postcard competition

Five postcards dropped through our letterbox last week - a card a day. Each one suggested a British island for us to visit.

Monday delivered Flat Holm, enticing us with its “massive Victorian fog horn”.
Tuesday brought us Anglesey, promising “a village with the longest name in Britain”.
Wednesday gave us Handa Island, home to“North West Europe’s largest seabird colony”.
Thursday tempted us with the Monach Isles, from where “the last people… left in 1951”.
Friday completed the set with Walney and its “400 species of moth”.

The reason for these mysterious postcards? It’s all part of a National Rail promotion to get people out and about photographing whatever they discover. Pictures can then be uploaded to the Papp A Postcard app on Facebook for a chance to win a £500 Topshop/Topman shopping experience. If you'd like to enter, the closing date is Nov 28th.

As for us, we couldn't resist Anglesey, which hopefully we'll be visiting in December.

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