Thursday 29 September 2011

Outdoor Photography: Island Journal Pt 16

In Outdoor Photography magazine, Issue 145, November 2011, T covers our summer visit to Lindisfarne.

Monday 19 September 2011

Islands in the Thames Pt 2 - Teddington Island...

The north tip of Teddington Island, from Teddington
The south tip of Teddington Island, from Teddington
Teddington Island steps
Teddington Island bike ramp

Teddington Island Lock is an impressive feat of engineering. It's composed of three locks and a long, curved weir. The whole complex cascades from one side of the Thames to the other. A wooded, centre island links the lock to the weir as well as supporting the busy Teddington Lock footbridge. An elaborate stilted ramp allows the passage of cyclists. A short track below runs the length of the island to locked gates at either end. Anglers cast from the shore.

Teddington Lock Island

Teddington Lock Island
Teddington Lock Island flower beds

 Teddington Lock Island park
Teddington Lock Island lock keeper's cottage

Teddington Lock Island is a beautifully manicured park, replete with flowered borders, benches and public toilets. The attractive lock keepers cottage is the cherry on the cake.

Trowlock Island

Trowlock Island from the Thames Path
Trowlock Island
Trowlock Island chain ferry in action
Trowlock Island chain ferry
Trowlock Island chain ferry winch

From the Thames Path it's hard to see that you're walking past Trowlock Island – it looks like a continuation of the far bank. Looping round at Kingston and passing a series of private roads with "No access to the river" eventually brings you to Teddington Sports Hall and a footpath to the sailing club. From here you can observe, if you wait long enough for a resident, the eccentric little chain ferry in action, operated by a cartoon winch. A large sign on the island shore explains just how PRIVATE the island is for its 29 homes and Royal Canoe Club (the world's oldest canoe club).

An undercover report...

Steven's Eyot

Steven's Eyot
The Small Boat Club hut on Steven's Eyot
A tiny island located north of Kingston that is devoted to the pleasure of river cruising. Owned by the Small Boat Club (SBC), moorings are restricted to members only. For a nice overhead shot take a look here.

Saturday 10 September 2011

Whale Island, Hampshire

This way to Whale Island
Welcome to Whale Island

The history of Whale Island in five easy steps

Grade II listed drill hall, Queen Charlotte figurehead

HMS Excellent museum

Coffee and biscuits in the HMS Excellent mess

Whale Island next to the ferry terminal

Aerial view of Whale Island in 1935

Aerial view of Whale Island in 1995

Langstone Harbour Islands

Farlington Marshes

Looking across to Baker's Island and South Binness Island

North Binness Island from the Solent Way