Island Books

Atlas of Remote Islands: Fifty Islands I Have Never Set Foot on and Never Will by Judith Schalansky
My favourite island book. A perfect union of hand-drawn maps, typography and brief factual narratives that convey the mystique and isolation of islands. Beautiful.

Brownsea Islander by Jack Gattrick, as told by Gail Lawson
A sweet oral history of living on, and being exiled from Brownsea in a bygone era.

Islands by R. J. Berry
An authoritative overview of the unique nature of islands and how small, separate land masses affect the development of flora and fauna. Scientific but approachable, as you would expect from Collins' New Naturalist series.

Lost Leader, The by Mick Imlah
A brilliantly varied collection of poetry with a strong Scottish theme.
Rough Guide to Scottish Highlands and Islands, The by D Reid and R Humphreys
Our bible for Scottish island planning. Provides an accurate sense of place with good accounts of the key places to visit.

Scottish Islands, The: The Bestselling Guide to Scottish Islands by Hamish Haswell-Smith
The ultimate guide to (most of) the Scottish islands, from a sailing perspective. Full of interest, and nicely illustrated with ink drawings. 

Wild Places, The by Robert Macfarlane
A poetic odyssey in search of the last of the wild places in the UK. The author evokes each place he visits in precise detail, while examining what makes a place wild, and what it means to him.