Friday 30 April 2010


looking across to Kerrera from Dunollie Castle

Thursday 29 April 2010

Monday 26 April 2010

Bute - day 3 - Ettrick Bay

the legendary meringue from Ettrick Bay cafe

a piper pipes next to a grey man in a bus shelter - the blank, wide bay of Ettrick is visited - roadside banks are filled with primroses - more Scottish ruins are assessed - a nap is taken on a beachside rock - a mountainous meringue pie is put into the cafe's oven - the tallest Victoria Sponge is consumed 

Sunday 25 April 2010

Bute - day 2 - Ascog

Ascog Fernery

Rothesay Castle is visited with no more than a sense of duty - T glimpses heaven: a swan on her nest beneath a weeping blossom tree - giant Victorian houses are promenaded past - Ascog Fernery offers sanctuary from the rain - a farmer's field is filled with gulls - Loch Ascog stares blankly - Bogany Wood shows the way home

Saturday 24 April 2010

Bute - day 1 - Rothesay

Rothesay's famous Victorian toilets

"it's raining in Scotland... of course" - the 8:50 train is taken to Wemyss Bay, flanked by a continuous trail of litter - the expansive, lace like iron work of Wemyss Bay station is admired - Bute welcomes us with an endless, protective wall of grand Victorian houses - a dilapidated doorway announces our 'luxury apartment' - memories of the sitcom Rising Damp are stirred - the false office ceiling is pondered - the horror-movie shower threatens - beautiful Victorian toilets are perused but left unblemished - at Port Bannatyne a small motorbike is suspended from the old pier - the young artist, on his own bike, talks through his latest creation - orange cheese toasties are consumed on a bench - the West Island way zigzags us home - the Co-op is located - at 10pm the music begins from the pub below - at 00:30 the music and shouting ends - a new reverence is found for double glazing

Wednesday 21 April 2010


A flying visit to Joe and Becky's new home in Totnes almost provided an unexpected island, but certainly unearthed some fine dining establishments.

It says it's an island...

it even looks like an island. But, no, it isn't an island.