Monday 19 September 2011

Trowlock Island

Trowlock Island from the Thames Path
Trowlock Island
Trowlock Island chain ferry in action
Trowlock Island chain ferry
Trowlock Island chain ferry winch

From the Thames Path it's hard to see that you're walking past Trowlock Island – it looks like a continuation of the far bank. Looping round at Kingston and passing a series of private roads with "No access to the river" eventually brings you to Teddington Sports Hall and a footpath to the sailing club. From here you can observe, if you wait long enough for a resident, the eccentric little chain ferry in action, operated by a cartoon winch. A large sign on the island shore explains just how PRIVATE the island is for its 29 homes and Royal Canoe Club (the world's oldest canoe club).

An undercover report...

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