Monday 28 November 2011

Tagg's Island

Tagg's Island has a long history of developmental prospecting and foiled plans. A lot of people seem to have lost a lot of money trying to make their fortune here. It was in 1872 that Thomas Tagg opened The Thames Hotel, attracting the rich and famous, and giving the island its current name.

Tagg's Island bridge
Tagg's Island bridge - going up
The road bridge wasn't built until 1982.

Tagg's Island bridge - going down
Tagg's Island houseboats
Building is not allowed on the island, so a ring of more than 60 luxury houseboats line the island. The addition of an inner lagoon in 1983 created extra space for mooring.

Tagg's Island sign
Small islet set adrift from Tagg's Island
Official Tagg's Island website (
Tagg's Island has a floating B&B
History in greater detail

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Hi, my name is Carl Tagg and I would like any history about the desendants of Thomas Tagg, just to see if we are related.