Saturday 11 June 2011

Thorney Island

Crossing the bridge at Thornham Marina

The MOD gate to cross onto Thorney Island

Stanbury Point

Marsh channel

Stepping onto Pilsey Island

Pilsey Island

West coast path returning towards Emsworth

Reed beds in the late evening sun

Emsworth Deckhouses

Emsworth Marina

Park by the (pop-up cafe) scout hut — a path of bridges — The Great Deep creates the island — buzzer entry through the MOD gates — a cresting wave of hawthorns to Stanbury Point — MOD structures in the 'Forbidden Zone' — the constant rasping hum of landing microlights — creeping tide on Pilsey Island — memorial bench with a moving book of remembrance for a Gulf War veteran — serpentine grassy path to Wickor Point — reed beds aglow in the late light — not Potakabins nor loos, but Emsworth Deckhouses


Lauren said...

Excellent work. Seem like lots of efforts you have put into this.

tadalis online said...

Really so beautiful photos..Thanks for sharing..

Lady Zombie said...

Pretty photos :)

tattoo info said...

cooll in Pilsey Island

trashmaster46 said...

Neat pictures, thanks for sharing them!

TC + DC said...

thanks everyone for your kind comments