Sunday 26 June 2011

Northumberland - day 2 - Lindisfarne

Lindisfarne Priory
The classic position for photographing Lindisfarne Castle

Lindisfarne Castle, Bamburgh Castle and the Farne Isles provide the view from the window seat — wander into the village — a Scottish girl at the NT shop gives her boss short shrift, while remaining impeccably polite — the gruff Post Office owner observes us closely in case we shoplift a map — Pilgrims Cafe offers a great cup of coffee and a selection of birds to try and nibble your cake — 12 noon opening at Lindisfarne Castle — the genius of Lutyen conveyed in door handles and fireplaces — the brilliant, slightly mad, wind indicator created by MacDonald Gill— outside: impressive lime kilns, and a by-the-numbers Gertrude Jekyll walled garden — ravaged by centuries of wind and water, Lindisfarne Priory would not look out of place at Petra — a large group of laughing Filipinos congregate on St Cuthbert's Island — we cross to the tidal island with a boy and his dog — in the evening light, T and I wait for the sun to emerge from behind a cloud to take the classic Joe Cornish shot of the castle — walking home, the apparition of a barn owl

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