Tuesday 28 June 2011

Northumberland - day 4 - Lindisfarne

Wild flowers on Lindisfarne east coast
Sandham, Lindisfarne
Rippled ledges at Back Skerrs, Lindisfarne

Lazy start, decide to maroon ourselves on the island today — as we leave, six crowded house martins smile from their nest below next door's porch — tasty scone, jam and cream at Pilgrims Cafe — walk along the grassy coastal track scattered with flowers — orchids and burnet moths all over Emmanuel Head — dark green fritillaries waft over the dunes — buckled ledges at Back Skerrs create brilliant rock pools filled with hermit crabs and sea snails — a colourful limpet rotates itself 120˚ — a toy machine gun, squeaky toy and other relics hang from the ceiling of a dry-stone shelter — get lost in the sweltering dunes trying to find the road — pass two unlucky hitchhikers who can't get a lift — more evening photography

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