Wednesday 8 September 2010

Isles of Scilly - day 7 - St Martin's

St Martins Bay
St Martin's Bay

En masse sailing to St Martin's on the Surprise — expert boat handling in the shallows — low tide dock at Lower Town — morning coffee at the hotel beneath a Polynesian thatched umbrella — stroll around Tinkler's Hill, gazing at the smaller islands — seals sunbathe on Great Merrick Ledge — stone and seaweed crossing to White Island — sea beet and camomile — a spine of micro mountains — probably the finest British beach yet: St Martin's Bay (see above) — a sea holly bouquet for sale at the roadside — freshly decanted brown lemonade from The Bakery — hot pilgrimage to Little Arthur cafe — cosy, trellised booths — superb wholewheat pasty and scone on blue patterned china — sandy track to English Island Point — Eastern Isles stud the blue water — Day Mark just out of reach — high tide pick up from Higher Town — farewell meal at The Boatshed — unmissable duo of chocolate mousses

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