Monday 6 September 2010

Isles of Scilly - day 5 - Old Town, St Marys

stacked stones at Carn Leh Cove, Old Town, St Mary's

Cloudy start — walk to Old Town — ordered allotments slide down to the coastal edge, trimmed by tall hedges, silvery in the light — balanced stones on Carn Leh Cove — sandy stretch and concrete sea defence of Old Town — sweet Old Church with acres of graves — steamy windows in the cafe — on a rocky promontory, plane after plane flies in over our heads to land at the airport — feet in the water at deeply recessed Porth Hellick — Pelistry Bay hemmed in by ferns and lines of cedar — a tongue of sand pokes out to met Toll Island — a fishing net hammock laces a tree — circuit complete, cut back through the island — duck ponds and locally grown produce

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