Friday 3 September 2010

Isles of Scilly - day 2 - St Mary's

watching the gig racing

A young man prods crabs with a stick at Newford Island — his girlfriend collects shells to arrange into an Art Attack — a lady sings along to Fleetwood Mac over her loom at Portloo Studios — coffee at beautifully positioned Juliet's Garden — walking over bouncy, rounded heather — Devonshire Ruby cows munch the scrub, penned in by electricity — Iron Age village at Halangy Down looks like a well-kept rockery — a lozenge of wild meadow overbrims with small tortoiseshell — needle carpeted woods, blackberry bushes — a creatively arranged stack of round boulders at Innisidgen — cut back through pastoral fields, high hedges and swallows — watch the back-breaking gig race from the quay — not sure who wins until we check the results board in town — victory to Nornour!

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