Wednesday 11 March 2009


Thank you James Beattie for making sense of courgettes. Goodbye to you and Hannah, see you in June.


Unknown said...

I've worked out the courgettes on the plate but what is the other mound of green stuff? Am intrigued!
And I've yet to make sense of a courgette. I like veg but courgettes aren't for me. Too slimy. Don't like carrots much either. We only ate them cos we were told we would see in the dark but now we know that isn't true, why are we still eating them? They make you orange and everything! Sweetcorn, butternut squash, spinach, peas, mushrooms, chips etc... now they're real vegetables. But don't expect to turn into Popeye!
That's enough rambling for now.

TC + DC said...

The mound of green stuff was a rather tasty pesto which was a firm but friendly companion to the sweetness of the vegetable tart.
I used to agree about the courgette but this was a miracle. Only just cooked, no slime, and somehow giving this bland vegetable a big shout of courgettieness.