Wednesday 18 March 2009

Breakfast and charcoal trees

TH: There is a certain romance to sleeping on a train that even a dodgy Scot Rail breakfast cannot destroy. 

After a long wait at Euston we boarded the Caledonian Sleeper for Glasgow, and got settled into our bunks for the night. Unable to sleep, I lay awake thinking about the people and places I had left behind, and hoping that they would find the time to stay in touch with me.

A few hours later, the light steadily began to improve and the murky grey shapes forming outside began to fill with colour as a new day dawned. There was a heavy mist, and I lay for a while watching the electric cables outside dancing on a white sky background as the train gently rolled from side to side. Steadily, Scotland began to appear through the mist: a brown landscape, dotted with spindly tress that looked at though they had been drawn with charcoal. Streams could be seen running down hillsides, which rose in the background like a painted backdrop. 


Brian said...

The way you wrote that I could almost imagine I were there..Dad x

Bedreamer said...

What beautiful writing!