Wednesday 4 March 2009

Phone, dongle, boxes, mixtapes...

DC: T was much better today and joined me on my day off. I collected the new mobile phone this morning that will hopefully give us reception on the Scottish islands and enable us to work while we're away. I also plumped for a Vodafone Top Up As You Go dongle for mobile internet. It's unclear how well it'll work on the Inner Hebrides but we're not tied to a contract and it'll give us another option for not too great an outlay. Absolute pain setting it up on the Macbook. No instructions from Vodafone, had to rely on clever forum posters to get it to work. Don't get any interface to check what's happening either.

Managed to sneak out for a game of tennis with Joe over at Kingston before packing up my first two boxes; one of books (almost unliftable), one of clothes. It feels very positive throwing out some of those old rags, though I couldn't part with a few choice monstrosities.

Went through a box of old audio cassettes and rediscovered our early mixtapes. Some real beauts in there from the Big Bang of our relationship. We'll have to keep the Ghetto Blaster now to play our 12 tapes on.

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