Thursday 8 March 2012

Island jobs: run a B&B on Canna

The view from the NTS cottage on Canna
If you’re at work now, look out of the window. How would you like to exchange it for the view above? Well you can, if you want to run a B&B on a remote Scottish island. The island in question is Canna, the most westerly part of The Small Isles, and it is easily one of the most isolated islands we’ve visited. On the map it looks close to neighbouring Skye and Rum, but just getting there makes you realise how far away it is. The 2.5 hour ferry trip doesn’t run everyday and there’s no shop. But this sense of isolation is what makes it so special, along with the beautiful views over Sanday to Rum. If you crave hard work, enjoy the full gamut of weather conditions, wish to be a key part of a small community and cook a mean breakfast then send in your application to the National Trust of Scotland.

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