Wednesday 14 March 2012

Essex - day 4: Bridgemarsh Island

Bridgemarsh Island lies to the south of Maldon on the River Crouch. It's a short walk to Bridgemarsh Marina from Althorne train station.

The island used to have a seawall around it, but the flood of 1953 put paid to that. Since then, channels crisscross the land, slowly returning it to the sea.

The trusty seawall on the mainland runs parallel to the length of Bridgemarsh Island.

Bridgemarsh Island (eastern tip)

Bridgemarsh Island (southeast bank)

The Essex home

There's no escaping the mud. The groynes point out to Bridgemarsh Island.

Bridgemarsh Island (western tip)

Smugglers Club, Althorne, Essex

Facing Bridgemarsh Island is a sizeable enclave of static caravans, chalets and bungalows called the Smugglers Club.

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