Tuesday 22 May 2012

Anglesey – day 4: Vallay

Afon Crigyll

No transport today but for our own two feet.

Afon Crigyll

We strolled to the edge of Rhosneigr, crossed Afon Crigyll and reached the beach at Traeth Crigyll.

Traeth Crigyll looking back to Rhosneigr

Ynys Feirig

Crossing the dunes brought us to the spindly finger of Ynys Feirig, poking into the sea.

Ynys Feirig

An RSPB warden keeps watch over the tern colony of Ynys Feirig from a caravan embedded in the dunes.

Ynys Feirig divides the long sandy beach into Traeth Crigyll and Traeth Cymyran. Walking the length of Traeth Cymyran took us past Valley airfield with its constant loops of screaming training jets and scurrying yellow choppers.

With the tide out, the channel between Holy Island and Anglesey shrinks to a trickle, allowing you to walk where the water should be. A sheltered ramp of warm sand provided the perfect lunch and nap stop, despite the howling fury of the planes.


After lunch, we plodded through the soft sand and standing water to the island of Ynys-las.

A nice dune welcomed us up...

Ynys-las top, looking to Valley

...to the gorse pocked top.

Ynys-las gully

A flattened out area is criss-crossed with trails in the grass. The high point is covered in low bramble.

Ynys-las, looking northwards

We hooked back in land, back towards the airfield and the nearby lakes. Water lilies covered one of the lakes.

We continued on to Llyn Traffwll, wandering through the thickets and boulders to discover swathes of bluebells around the water's edge.

Llyn Traffwll bluebells

Tired and sunburnt again, we traipsed back through a desert of gorse and the golf course to Rhosneigr.

Braich Parlwr

Indefatigable T couldn't resist the late evening sun on the thrift of Braich Parlwr. Exhausted D curled up in a warm, rocky recess for a quick snooze.

Braich Parlwr

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