Thursday 20 January 2011

An island definition

There are many definitions of what makes an island, but one in particular still seems to hold sway:

"the 1861 Census decreed that an island is 'any piece of solid land surrounded by water which affords sufficient vegetation to support one or two sheep, or is inhabited by man'."
BERRY, R. J., 2009. Islands.

This works for us. It makes it easier to find the cut-off point between a rock and an island. M. Shea agrees:

"If a piece of land will support a sheep, it is an island; if it will not, it is a rock."
SHEA, M. 1981. Britain's Offshore Islands


Anonymous said...

Stop what you are doing... It is a waste of time... Please STOP>>>>>

TC + DC said...

Hi Anonymous, it has crossed our minds... but when we think about what we've experienced already, we can't wait to see the rest.

Ailsa said...

Tracy and Dan - I think you really do need to seriously consider the advice of 'Anonymous', above.

After all, by continuing your mission, clearly you will be having some major impact on him/her (I suspect the former), otherwise why would he/she be concerned enough to post their comment?

However, because you're both so darn selfish, I suspect you will continue. *Sigh*