Friday 31 December 2010

D's three favourite islands of 2010

1. Harris
For the stunning journey from Berneray to
Tarbert that begins with the slaloming ferry to Leverburgh, followed by the winding coastal road along sandy beaches, before rising up and over the strange, blunted mountains.

2. Shiant Isles
What began as a compromise after missing out on St Kilda, became one of our best island trips. The sun shone, puffins bobbed and sea cliffs reared. As we returned to the boat for coffee and cake before departing, a white-tailed eagle glided above us.

3. St Mary's

We had our doubts (cost, scarcity of accommodation, smugness) but we were wrong. We found what everyone else finds: a beachy paradise of warm air and cold, clear water. Despite the chill, it was the perfect place for our first snorkelling experience.

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Ailsa said...

Interesting what you said about the Shiant Isles. I went on a boat trip around the Small Isles a few years ago. The guy who ran it also did lots of trips to St Kilda, and talked about how, on the occasions when he was unable to get there, his clients would often enjoy the alternative more. So much so, that he tentatively organised a holiday called the 'Not The St Kilda Trip', and it booked up instantly!