Saturday 24 April 2010

Bute - day 1 - Rothesay

Rothesay's famous Victorian toilets

"it's raining in Scotland... of course" - the 8:50 train is taken to Wemyss Bay, flanked by a continuous trail of litter - the expansive, lace like iron work of Wemyss Bay station is admired - Bute welcomes us with an endless, protective wall of grand Victorian houses - a dilapidated doorway announces our 'luxury apartment' - memories of the sitcom Rising Damp are stirred - the false office ceiling is pondered - the horror-movie shower threatens - beautiful Victorian toilets are perused but left unblemished - at Port Bannatyne a small motorbike is suspended from the old pier - the young artist, on his own bike, talks through his latest creation - orange cheese toasties are consumed on a bench - the West Island way zigzags us home - the Co-op is located - at 10pm the music begins from the pub below - at 00:30 the music and shouting ends - a new reverence is found for double glazing


Anonymous said...

There's a picture of these in the 'Toilets of the World' book by Morna Gregory and Sian James. Highly recommended. I'd like to visit this picturesque convenience myself someday.

TC + DC said...

It's well worth spending a penny here, well, 20p actually.