Tuesday 23 February 2010

Mersea Island, Essex - East Mersea

a kind offer from Jeff and Clare finds us on Mersea via Chelmsford - Wivenhoe dead end brings out the sat-nav - low road over the mud to Mersea - winter fields - Cudmore Grove County Park - olive green dog walkers - mud in all its forms, colours and consistency - lapwings, shelduck, wigeon - corrosive wind -  shingle, eroding orange cliff, huge caravan parks - car as sanctuary


Julian said...


nice photos of East Mersea and Cobmarsh Island but you missed some Colne and Blackwater gems.

Near East Mersea - Pewit Island, Rat Island, Cindery Island

Near Cobmarsh Island - Packing Marsh Island with its famous Packing Shed, Ray Island - setting of Sabine Baring Gould's novel Mehalah, Great Cob Island on the way to Tollesbury and Pewet Island on the Bradwell side.

Further up river are Osea and Northey islands.

Have fun, Julian

TC + DC said...

Thanks for the info Julian. There's plenty to go back for in Essex. A re-visit is planned...