Thursday 6 August 2009

Christchurch - Pt 1

The medieval bridge that hops you from one island to the next.

We went to Christchurch today to find some inland islands. They don't seem to have any official names. Addresses on the island in this post settle for Bridge Street, Christchurch or Rossiter's Quay, Christchurch. A beautiful medieval bridge carries the visitor onto the island, along with the traffic.

West bank with fishing punt

If an island is something as simple as a land mass surrounded by water then these islands certainly fit the bill.

Bridge Street

Bridge Street runs straight across the island and is lined with fine historical buildings and quite a few empty shops.

Rossiter's Quay

Rossiter's Quay is a new development, think Venice in the Little England style.

Rossiter Boat Yard

Once through the houses you get to a great boatyard. Boats scatter the ground and bristle the bank like iron filings on a magnet.

The island's southern tip.

Boat's sail down the Avon into Christchurch Harbour.

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